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Here you can find documents relating to Nordplus and the application procedure.

Among these programme documents you will find the Nordplus handbook, the programme document 2018-2022, guidelines and manuals, budget models and templates relating to the application.

  • Confirmation form for teacher mobility - Higher Education


    Form for confirmation of receipt of Nordplus Higher Education grant in Higher Education.

  • Evaluation of Nordplus 2012-2016


    Evaluation report of the Nordplus programme in the period 2012-2016.

  • Nordplus Adult grant template 2019


    The template is to be used in connection to applications for collaboration projects in Nordplus Adult.

    The template is to be attached to the application form.

  • Programme Committee for Nordplus


    List of Nordplus Programme Committee Members 2018 

  • Budget Model for Nordplus Intensive Courses


    Model to help you in the proces of setting up a budget for intensive courses. Note: there are separate budget models in the document section for other types of project.

  • Frequently Asked Questions - Nordplus Junior


    The most frequently asked questions about the Nordplus Junior programme