The applications for Nordplus 2018 have been received and are being assessed


The applications for the Nordplus programme with the deadline of 1st February 2018 have been received and are being processed – and the interest in participating in educational collaboration across the Nordic and Baltic countries is great. 567 applications have been received. 3756 organisations and institutions have applied for funding to projects, networks and exchanges. All together there has been applied for grants amounting to a total of 24.1 million euro.

The Nordplus programme of the Nordic Council of Ministers consists of five sub-programmes targeting all parts of the educational sector from kindergartens and schools to universities and adult education. The purpose of Nordplus is to both strengthen the development and quality of the educational sector and to maintain a sense of solidarity, among other things with a focus on language, between the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Financial support for cooperation in projects, networks and exchanges

The institutions have applied for financial support to exchanges of teachers, pupils and students as well as for collaboration networks and projects between educational institutions, organisations and other actors within the field. For example, schools may apply for grants to visit institutions in other Nordic and Baltic countries to establish collaboration on developing joint courses and common methods. Students may stay in another Nordic or Baltic country to strengthen their foreign language skills or gain a greater understanding of other cultures. Stays abroad take place as an integrated part of the students’ education.

All countries participating

All Nordic and Baltic countries are represented in this year’s applications, and grants to support projects within all sections of the educational sector have been applied for.


In 2018, grants amounting to a total of 9.4 million euro will be awarded to networks and education projects. The applications are now being assessed and applicants will receive an answer to their application at the beginning of May 2018.

With the new Nordplus programme period from 2018-2022 a number of changes have been made to the Nordplus Nordic Languages sub-programme in an attempt to make the programme more open and accessible to applicants. For instance, allowing for bilateral partnerships, funding for development has been introduced and the level of co-financing has been lowered.

In the period 2017 to 2018 Nordplus has highlighted integration in education and encouraged applications aiming at education and training for refugees and immigrants. In the assessment of the applications it will be calculated how many are dealing with this theme, and it will be published on the website of Nordplus when the results of the application round are presented in May.


Nordplus consists of five sub-programmes targeting all parts of the educational sector.

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