Nordic and Baltic educational co-operaton in a nutshell



The Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordplus have published a brochure highlighting the success of Nordplus, the Council‘s educational support programme. The content covers the main milestones of the programme for the period 2012-2018.

Through Nordplus, the Nordic Council of Ministers supports cooperation and exchange between educational institutions and other actors across the Nordic and Baltic countries. More than 3,000 institutions each year seek grants from Nordplus and up to 9,000 students and teachers annually attend training and internships under Nordplus. In 2018, Nordplus marked its 30th anniversary and at the same time it was a decade since the Baltic countries joined.

In 2018, a new 5-year period was initiated, which ensures continuing collaboration and further supports the close cohesion between the Nordic and Baltic countries. The Nordic Council of Ministers decided to mark this milestone with this publication, which includes a number of articles describing the experiences from projects and provides information on the general support options with key figures from the period 2012–2018.

The editor of the brochure is Henrik Neiiendam Andersen, the Nordplus main administrator in Denmark, ably assisted by journalist Joan Rask.