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TURID - Promoting Higher Education in “Turism, Idrott och Kultur”

12 February 2015
” Green Care Tourism in the Nordic- Baltic Region”  at the Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi , Finland,  in 2013. Photo: Santa Claus Office
“Sailing Traditions and Tourism potential in the Turku Archipelago in Finland”, in 2004.  Photo: Teija Tekoniemi-Selkälä
“In the Footsteps of  Kvens in Northern Norway”, Regions Finnmark and Tromsö in Norway,  in 2002.  Photo: Teija Tekoniemi-Selkälä
Telemark Traditions and Tourism Potential in Trysil, Norway”  in 2008. Photo: Teija Tekoniemi-Selkälä

TURID is an interdisciplinary network in the Nordic-Baltic Region between seven higher educational institutions (HEIs) and their various study programs in sport and health promotion, tourism, gastronomy and experience production either on bachelor or master level. The network partner institutions are situated in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia and Latvia. The main network activities have been networking between member HEIs and international intensive courses. In addition there have been allocated mobility grants for students and teachers in some years.

TURID was established in 1998 and has organized intensive courses and given mobility grants since year 2000. Through five three-year-projects, co-funded by Nordplus, the network has been able to develop intensive collaboration between the member HEIs and the regional communities and local businesses in versatile destinations in the Nordic-Baltic Region.  Each three-year-project has had a theme, which has always linked tourism with health promotion and local culture with emphasis on sustainable development, entrepreneurship, memorable experiences and regional development. 

Each intensive course has been planned according to the main theme and key focus areas based on the development needs and demands of the organizing HEI and the regional communities and local businesses.  Some examples of the total 14 intensive courses are listed in the following:

  • In the Footsteps of Kvens in Northern Norway”
  • “Sailing Traditions and Tourism Potential in Turku Archipelago, Finland”
  • “Telemark Traditions and Tourism Potential in Trysil, Norway” ,
  • “Green Care Tourism in the Nordic- Baltic Region”

Project Results

The key result of TURID is the development of an innovative, meaningful experience-based concept for multi-cultural intensive courses. The concept enables local stakeholders, students and educators to co-create development activities in creative ways in order to contribute to regional development. Fruitful and close cooperation within partner HEIs and the personal collegial relationships between the contact persons can be considered also a significant project result as it has contributed to the continuance of TURID since 1998.

Due to the successful implementation of the concept throughout the years,  intensive courses have not only been significant for professional development of individual participants but has created deeper meanings for their lives as they have been pursuing  common objectives and devoting themselves to extraordinary  learning and working experiences in an international environment.

'This was the most valuable time of my whole University experience'', Egija, Bachelor Student, Turiba

 ''In one week I got more than in one study year'' Arta,Bachelor Student, Turiba

“I learned how close actually different fields like health, sports, tourism and gastronomy are and how much potential there is when putting these fields together. All in all an amazing course, one of the best I have had during my university studies. If there was an opportunity to go again, would definitely go.” Jenny, Master student, Multidimensional Tourism Institute

“I really enjoyed to be surrounded by an international group of people, it was very inspirational and could even say somewhat transformational.” Kertu,Bachelor Student,  TTU Kuresaare College

“Sheer luck that we have Turid”, Marko, Senior Lecturer, Arcada 

List of Partner Higher Educational Institutes

Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Sport and Health Promotion, Finland
Contact: Marko Vaappo, 

Hedmark University, Teacher physical education, in public health and in sports, Norway
Contact: Per-Egil Knudsen, 

Kuressaare College of Tallinn University of Technology, Tourism and Catering Management, Estonia
Contact: Riia Nelis,

Lapland University of Applied Sciences / Multidimensional Tourism Institute, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Finland
Contact: Teija Tekoniemi-Selkälä , 

Luleå Technical University, Experience Production (till end of 2014), Sweden
Contact: Hans Gelter,

Novia University of Applied Sciences, Tourism, Finland
Contact: Agneta Nyberg

Turība University of Applied Sciences, International Tourism, Latvia


The target groups of TURID have been Nordic-Baltic university students and teachers from versatile degree programmes. During years 2000 – 2013 there have been approximately 300 university students and 30 teachers or other members of staff from the partner HEIs who have participated in the intensive courses. Most teachers have participated TURID for years, some of them from the beginning of the project. Approximately 15 university students or teachers have used mobility grants.

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