Results of the Nordplus 2020 application round



The Nordplus Programme Committee met at an on-line meeting on 29th of April 2020, to assess and deliberate on the application round from February 2020. Normally the Programme Committee meets in person but due to the Corona Virus situation this extraordinary meeting was held. The Covid19 pandemic also affected the way the individual sub-programs evaluation committees conducted their work. But in general, the work went well, and no major complications arose with these new procedures.

There was a total of 500 applications, applying for a total grant of 21.532.072 € - more than double the Nordplus budget allocated in 2020. The result of the administration’s assessment is that 362 applications were proposed for funding, making for a total amount of 10.224.860 € or 47% of the applied amount.

The 500 applications involve a total of 3.387 organizations and with 362 applications proposed for funding, 2.785 of these organizations will be able to proceed with their planned activities.

This is a similar amount as last year, both in the number of applications and amount applied for. The good news is that applications in the Adult and Horizontal section of Nordplus increased considerably from last year. The Nordplus Nordic Language program received many good applications and reached the second highest amount of applications ever. The ratio dropped slightly in the Junior and Higher Education sections.


The number of applications and amount applied for in 2020 is approx. 12% lower than the average for the number of applications and 7% lover in grant amount for the period 2015-2020 - this is reflected with some variation in the individual programs.

Table B.3. Number of applications Grant (mio. €)
Programme/year 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Nordplus Adult 119 104 81 93 80 93 3,8 4,4 4,5 2,7 3,5 3,1 3,8
Nordplus Higher Education 230 253 242 233 209 208 13,1 13,1 13,1 12,1 11,1 10,1 9,6
Nordplus Horizontal 47 46 49 46 33 38 2,8 2,6 2,6 3,7 2,4 2,1 2,6
Nordplus Junior 194 232 193 173 146 132 6,6 4,3 8,7 5,4 5,8 4,2 4,1
Nordplus Nordic Languages 15 19 17 22 35 29 1,2 0,7 0,8 0,9 1,3 1,9 1,5
605 654 582 567 503 500 27,5 25,1 29,7 24,8 24,1 21,4 21,6


The success rates 2020 for each of the Nordplus programmes are as follows:

Table C.1 Application submitted* Application proposed Success rate Amount applied for (mio. €) Amount proposed Success rate
Nordplus Adult 92 43 47% 3.761.805 1.233.420 33%
Nordplus Higher Education 208 174 84% 9.594.201 4.281.778 45%
Nordplus Horizontal 38 19 50% 2.596.507 977.713 38%
Nordplus Junior 132 105 80% 4.126.192 2.996.274 73%
Nordplus Nordic Languages 29 21 72% 1.453.367 735.675 51%
Total 500 362 72% 21.532.072 10.224.860 48%
*One application submitted in Adult not evaluated due to late arrival.

The overall success rate is 72% for the number of applications, and 48% for grants, which is higher than the average for the last three years (2019 74-47%; 2018: 65-39%; 2017: 69-41%).


Submitted: 3.387 organizations

For more information on the individual applications, please visit The Nordplus Project Database


Every year the administration examines the level of newcomers in the applications submitted. Participating institutions and organizations are considered “newcomers” if they have not participated in any application within the individual program during the past three years - in this case the period 2017-2019. For the three programmes Nordplus Junior, Nordplus Adult and Nordplus Horizontal, the level of newcomers varies between 38% and 66%, which is similar to previous years.

The level of newcomers for the five programs is:

  • Nordplus Adult 61%
  • Nordplus Higher Education 21%
  • Nordplus Horizontal 66%
  • Nordplus Junior 59%
  • Nordplus Nordic Languages 38%


2020 is the second and last year with the highlight on “Digital competence and computational thinking” decided by the Programme Committee. The idea is not to have the focus on the use of digital equipment in teaching and delivery of education on digital platforms, but more on the digital competences of pupils, students and adult learners.

The aim of the highlight concept in Nordplus is to draw attention to the issue of this theme in education without giving formal priority to the applications addressing this. The highlight is presented on the Nordplus homepage and in the Nordplus handbook.

The Nordplus Program Committee has proposed to fund 57 such projects in the 2020 application round. The Nordplus performance targets for 2020 were to have at least 20 approved applications within the highlight. This target set by the Nordplus administration has therefor been met more than sufficiently.


Nordplus offers financial support to a variety of educational cooperation’s between partners in the area of lifelong learning between the eight participating countries and three autonomous regions in the Baltic and Nordic region.

The program supports networking, project collaboration and student/teacher mobility between the Baltic and Nordic countries

The proposed program budget for 2020 is 10.224.860 million euro

Participating countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Aaland Islands. In addition, beneficiaries from Syd-Schleswig can participate in the program with a special funding from Denmark.

All countries and territories are well represented in the program. Unfortunately, Nordplus did not get any applications from Syd-Schleswig in 2020.

The next deadline for submitting applications to the Nordplus programmes is 1st February 2021. Preparatory visits in Nordplus Junior, Nordplus Adult and Nordplus Nordic Languages can be applied for in the supplementary application round with a deadline on 1st October 2020.