Announcement to Nordplus beneficiaries in respect to the Covid-19 coronary virus


The spread of the COVID-19 virus has naturally raised questions among project managers and individuals who have received funding from Nordplus. For this reason, the Norpdplus progamme wishes to convey the following messages regarding participants' voyages ahead.


Nordplus beneficiaries are encouraged to keep a close eye on information on their respective National authorities websites and follow the recommendations given there. Except for some defined risk areas, there is no reason to cancel trips. Therefore, in most cases, Nordplus projects should be able to maintain their plans as stated in their contracts.


At the same time, we emphasize that the decision to go on a journey lies with the participants themselves. Promoters will assess to the best of their ability whether to suspend or cancel trips due to the virus. Irreversible costs for travel in Nordplus projects will normally be accepted as project costs in the final report, even if the trips have not been completed.

We urge all the beneficiaries to contact their project coordinator about the situation as soon as possible.  The beneficiary concerned should also quickly put in place all possible measures to limit the damage caused by the force majeure, including measures to limit related costs.


The project coordinator concerned should keep in close contact with its national Nordplus office or the sub-program administrator for more detailed information

The National Agency handles such requests individually but draws attention to the fact that the approved grant cannot exceed the total amount allocated to the project. It is important that all data is kept available which shows the reasons why the project has met additional costs.

Project managers who expect increased support or flexibility for COVID-19 are asked to contact Nordplus National Agency staff as soon as possible. This gives us a clearer picture of the scope of the problem and can give each one more detailed information on the steps that need to be followed. We also encourage you to contact us if questions arise that are not answered above.



For further information please contact the Nordplus office closest to you: